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By signing this form you agree you have read and understand the following:

- Drafts will be made 4 days prior to each month's due date, starting with your next bill.
- Cancellations of the authorizations above must be given 30 days in advance. Requests must be in writing and delivered to: 545 Corinth Road, Newnan, GA 30263, ATTN: eBill/Draft Collections

- The Authority may cancel this authorization with a 30 day written notice to the account holder. The cancellation notice will be mailed to the address of record of the account holder.

- If your draft is declined/returned by your banking institution for any reason, a $30.00 insufficient funds fee will be charged by the Authority.

- In the case of a water bill dispute or leak, it is imperative that you contact the Authority at 770-254-3710 before the day of your bank draft. If you fail to do so, your bank account may be drafted for the full amount of the bill.

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